This Blog…

…is mine.

I write things on it.

Things like poetry:


If I Wanted To (A strange Poem about Music and me and other things. December 16th)

She’s Indigo (My 100 dollar poem. December 14th)

What I’m Thankful For (My Thanksgiving Poem-slash-list thing. November 25th)

Sick Sarah And A Poem (A Poem from my NaNoWriMo, November 29th)

Eglantine (Probably my favorite. READ IT PLEASE. October 17th)

Girl Tears (I make some anaologies and act like a teenager. October 20th)

When Angel’s Fall (A Poem about Angels Falling. October 29th)

Where I’m From and An Anouncment (A School Assignment that Wasn’t Horrible, September 13th)

Back When I was Easy To Love (A Before and After Love Poem. September 23rd)

Some Writing…Because I Am A Slacker (A bunch of poetic phrases I wrote last year-ish. September 30th)


Or bad short stories:

Sidewalk Angel (A Strange short story, and one that I don’t understand. December 6th)

The First Chapter of my NaNo (Not a Short Storie, But I have no where else to put it! November 21st)

Episode One (More of a Memoir about a girl I met once)

When I’m God (A Short Scene in which my imaganary friends argue.)

Words and Thier Absences (A Short Story that does’t make sense and isn’t very good, but helped shape my NaNoWriMo. September 5th)


Or reviews on books and albums I love and hate….


*insert list here soon*

And lots and *lots* of geeking out, rambling, bad dance numbers, and the occasional sock puppet.

Oh, and Fish. I really like Fish.


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