Copy Right

So. here it is folks the truth that you’ve all been so afraid to hear: I am Genius. I have genius idea. I think genius thoughts. Sometimes, if I try really, really hard, I can even get one side of a Rubik’s cube done. Yeah. I’m *that* girl.

But, being a genius has it’s down sides. What if someone steals my stuff? And what if, because I don’t have copy right, I totally let them? that would suck. And also, I would probably be demoted from my genius status, and I don’t think my frail ego could handle that. I mean, I’m so humble about my self. *Wiiiink* You see, this stuff is *my* stuff, and even if you think it sucks, i might be a tad proud of it. I mean, probably not tooo much, but at least a tad.

So, if you want to flatter me by using my work? Ask me please. The email’s There’ll be like a 97.67% chance that I’ll totally say yes.

Now let’s go over this. If I write something, can you take it? No. Can you take it with you iPhone? No. Can you take a picture of it with your camera, and then re-write whatever I said off the camera screen using the same words? No. If I write something or say something fantastical and you want to quote me so you email me and I say yes, can you do it? Yes. Registered & Protected


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