Somethings and Some Photos

December 11, 2012 § 2 Comments

I like poetry. I like it on pages of library books, written in the margins of your math test, I like poetry read out load and kept to yourself. I like the way that words bend together, meld with each other and scare people and make people laugh and sometimes cry.


I like photos. More than photos, I like people, the ones in front of the lens and the ones behind it, I like to see what someone else saw exactly how they saw it if even for just one second. 


I like ballet, there is something beautiful in those faded pink slippers, those soft thuds of people on wood (I’ve never heard it, but I can imagine as well as I can hear words form, lips part, words spill), there is something beautiful in this unattainable perfection they reach for as they jump off the ground and reach up to the ceiling. 


I like the book I am the Messenger by Markus Zusak  which might be the best book about an underage taxi cab driver that owns a coffee drinking dog in Australia that exists. I’ve written some songs for it.


I like written songs, scratching the words with blue ink into a blue notebook. Cross legged on my bedroom floor with my ukulele in my lap and feeling proud out of the music my fingers can make and works they smear on to college ruled paper.



I like you. 


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