Setting Fire to Our Insides for Fun

November 16, 2012 § Leave a comment

I’m listening to the song Youth by Daughter and writing poems/ poem responses with the theme age in mind. If you haven’t heard the song do your self a favor and look it up. Close your eyes and let it sink in to your skin and crawl on your bones. 

We got to chose our themes for this project and I had a long list of themes in mind. I wanted to write about beauty, our perception of it and what people find beautiful. I wanted to write about wanderlust and the way it grows cold to a person of age and burns like fire to the youth all over. I wanted to write about sleep, catalog nightmares and day dreams. I ended up with age because it fascinates me and because we had to find five poems about age and write poem responses for them and the poems I found about age were beautiful and sad and perfect. 

I found a poem about growing older and loosing your grasp on everything. I found a poem about learning to say goodbye as a child in a shopping mall, about your body turning into a map of your life, and words you hear becoming tinted with your memories. 

I once wrote to you about permanence, but let me tell you. The lovely truths are in the fleeting–or maybe they are the fleeting. 

So pull your hair up when you feel serious. Dance in your bed room. Trace shapes into your jeans with pen, ink up your own skin with a marker. Tattoo yourself with the phone numbers you won’t remember, live peacefully in your own world if only for a little while. It’ll will end, and that is enough for it to be lovely and completely worth it. 


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