Photo’s From the Air (missing my lady)

October 16, 2012 § Leave a comment

ImageWindow seats are the only seats for me. What’s the point of being miles above the earth, above all other people, and not being able to see it?

ImageUpside down Arizona mountains. We were down visiting my grandma.

ImageOlivia and my dog Ellie from the window. I went in for a phone call.

ImageAntique cameras and Olivia Anne will be my down fall.

ImageSideways road lights, Arizona Highway. I love being in a car, I love roads.

Image Out the window, I love their shadows. The clouds I mean.

Image Her toes compliment the rug, and her fingers-her jeans.

ImageShe and I. We are a simple sweater-weather loving sort of folk.

Travel photos from my trip to Arizona, and good bye photos from my last shoot with Liv. In between each other, on top of each other. New, new, new. Gone, gone, gone. I know my posts have been spotty, I think I’ve been spotty as well. New post all do something about the NaNoWriMo I’m freaking out about. Love you all! 


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