So. Officially …

September 4, 2012 § 12 Comments

So. Officially underway the second week of high school. I don’t recommend it.

I am being completely weighed down by homework, which is really more something to complain about than a real issue. I mean, I can handle homework. I’m not lost in any of my classes yet. I even like the French that I was getting so worried about. The bigger issue of homework is the fact that I think I have developed ADD and also a complete addiction to Tumblr that takes up my entire day life.

Speaking of which, I have an actual photography blog now, for all those (cough, cough, Kadence) people that were bothering me for one earlier this summer. It is called and will kind of double as my reference work when I start actually doing things with my life other than Algebra.


I don’t have any friends yet, at least not ones that inspire me and challenge me and make me want to write them poems and sing them songs and take their pictures, but I hope that will happen eventually. And if it doesn’t, I will be sad. But I will probably live. 

No where I could have gone to school this year would have keep things the same. Olivia was going to leave, and Kadence as well. Faces I had become dependent on were going to become memories. It was inevitable. But it’s still heartbreaking. To find someone who makes you feel whole and having to go away. That’s hard. But it’s real and it’s life and it’s important. 

Even if it sucks. 

So. Just to break my heart a little more, I will post a poem I wrote last year for my best friend Liv, as well as my favorite picture of the two aforementioned girls. And then I’m gonna cry for a little bit. But eventually, I am going to overcome. 




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