Book Covers- A TCWT! Post

June 15, 2012 § 13 Comments

Hello my lovelies, time has come again for my Teens Can Write Too! blog chain post. This months’ prompt was: What kind of covers grab you? Why?

To this I say, I should have prepared for this. Dang it. Why don’t I ever prepare for these?

And then I run to Goodreads.

(Speaking of which, people who don’t have Goodreads accounts should get those. It’s cool and other adjectives of the positive sorts.)

Okay, after looking at some covers of my favorite books I have come to the conclusion that A) I am drawn to cool typography and B) if there is another YA book released with two attractive white people kissing/about to kiss on the cover, I’m going to hit someone.

Examples of A:

 Image ImageImage

What I like about these:

1) Having read all these books, I know that the words are incorporating the theme/setting of the book. Breath My Name is a YA suspense and romance, scary but sexy. The girl looks robotic and scared but attractive, and the words written in condensation seem, to me at least, like a plea for help. Margrettetown is a twisting and beautiful story of madness and love, and the title being splayed on a Street sign shows Margret Town’s character in the book: both a place (of madness) and a person (who is mad). Delirium is also romantic, as well as sci-fi. The story is romantic and I think the trails across the cover are as well, confusing but beautiful. And the girl poking from underneath is like the the girl in the story, still finding out who she is under all of what other people are telling her.

2) The covers let the words make the statement. The photography is there, but minimized in the affect the words make. The photography points to the words, or in the case of Delirium, make the words it’s self. It’s about the story, not the image of what they want you to think the story will be.

3) They’re creative. For the Breath My Name cover, someone had to actually go out and write those words in condensation. Someone had to create the cover for Margarettown, not just set some words on top of a photo. Each element on that cover, conects to what is underneath the cover.

4) Those could not be the covers for any other books.  They are distinctive to what is inside the book.

Examples of B: 

Image ImageImage

What I don’t like about these covers:

1) It doesn’t tell you anything about the story. Guess what? It’s romantic. Two people will fall in love. Guess what else? Well see, I can’ *tell* you anything else because that’s the only thing that these covers tell you.

2) It’s obviously unoriginal. I’m not saying these stories are bad. But I am saying that I would never want to be an author with one of these covers. It’s like putting out for the world to see that their novel is just like all the other novels with covers like that, which isn’t true. It seems sloppy, like there wasn’t any thought put into the cover, they just slapped on the exact same cover as everyone else.

3) IT’s a bit intrusive isn’t it? It kind of tells everyone *exactly* what kind of book you’re reading, even if under all that cover the book’s actually good. It just says: Sex, which isn’t always the case. There might be a beautiful novel up there that just looks trashy, which I don’t think is the best way to go about putting a cover on a book.


Okay, I’m out. 🙂


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