DLYCW~ The Components of Being Ree.

May 11, 2012 § 4 Comments

My Dress Like Your Character Week Post! Others, come join us!

*Intro Music*

The character I dressed up as is Ree from my current Work In Progress. Ree is the main character, but she doesn’t ever tell the story. Ree is as indifferent as she is loved. She is beautiful and illusive, sad and made of intercity. 

It should be noted, I dressed up *as* her, but am not *her*. She is the sun, whereas I am a simple person. 


1st Step, Makeup. 

I gave myself wide eyes and glitter. I’m not sure if she would wear it on purpose, but she is the type the light is thrown on to, so I did my best to brighten her up. 


2nd Step, Outfit

I wanted Ree to ware something strangely story telling, without telling a real story. I didn’t want it to match, Ree wouldn’t have taken the time to make something match. Ree would fall in love with the individuals. The Skirt, the tank, the stripes. But she wouldn’t fall in love with them all together.

I also wanted to keep with the blue thing. 


3rd Step, The Stance

Ree is unaware. She writes things on her arms, she appreciates but doesn’t adore.

In this picture I think I tied that in. She doesn’t hold herself for other people, not even for herself. But she still manages to stand up straight, look good, even when she’s doing such unconscious things. 


And that’s it. That’s Ree.

I think I do understand her better now. 


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