Careers I Would Enjoy *A List*

April 12, 2012 § 2 Comments

Why *hullo* there. It seems you are one of the lucky ones that have traveled to me blog. Congratulations. Today you will be receiving a list.

*Intro Music*

A List of Jobs I wouldn’t Hate to Have as Careers (not counting author.)

  • Librarian. I love the idea of being surrounded by books all day and people that want to find books all day. I also love the idea of working in a public place. I read an article about a homeless man that came in to his local library everyday to read the Bible and was like: :O Sarah wants to work as a librarian. Starting immediately.
  • Radio DJ. This one is obviously held up in my love for music. I like *sharing* music with people, and going HEY YOU. YES YOU. LISTEN TO (insert name of band/artist) RIGHT NOW! YOU WILL LOVE THEM! My only issue with this, is that sometimes my music choices are a bit to obscure for the tastes of other individuals. I feel like all of the playlist would be extremely random and I wouldn’t get a huge fan base that actually appreciates the amounts of music that I do.
  • Book Reviewer. This one I would have to work at a bit before I could actually master, but I think is ever present when I revise this list. I just really like *sharing* good things with people. Also warning people when they’re about to waste their money. I think it’s something that I could actual pull off, you know? ***And*** you did’t hear it from *me* but, it’s possible that I’m starting a book review site on a wordpress. ((Tell me what you think on this idea?))
  • Graphic Artist. I didn’t really consider this one too much until recently, but after positive review of my photography and photo shop capabilities, I’m really interested in those mixed medias to make all new things. You know, CD covers, book covers, posters for movies, etc. I love to make things, and I think that if I work at it I would have lots of time to improve and such and I might really be in the cut for that sort of field. Not gonna lie, I make mock Album covers and book covers already. : ) Maybe I’ll show you some in the future.

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§ 2 Responses to Careers I Would Enjoy *A List*

  • lvoisin says:

    Hi! They do sound like fun jobs! I worked in radio once. It was cool, but the pay wasn’t so great (I didn’t go to school to become a DJ, but was a radio operator). I think with podcasts, you could totally set up your own show and see where it takes you. I also think the book review blog is a great idea! Being a graphic artist is totally something you can do on your own too. You could use your skills on your blog, and put it towards your portfolio later.

    I just happened on your blog from the ‘Teens Can Write Too’ blog chain. (I’m not a teen, but a writer, just surfin’ around). Have a great day!

    • I really love exploring my self in my art, with photography and music and all else, so career choices were fun to make. Options, options are always good. : )

      The Teens Can Write Blog Chain is great! I’m glad you stuck around. 🙂

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