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April 5, 2012 § 42 Comments

Hello all, it’s the time again! The time! For the Teens Can Write Too Blog Chain! Yay.

April’s prompt is:  “What are your writers’ habits and eccentricities?”


I, Sarah The Fish, an known for typing too loudly. That’s correct. I am typing at a volume that one might think is a car engine starting or a hammer working on the house next door. One unfortunate teacher thought it was gun fire and had us all hide under our desks when I started to type one day, sure that our prinicpal had finally snapped. Well. No, that never happened. Just kidding. But seriously, I type with great exuberance.

I think this has to do with the noise levels that I require to get my thoughts in order. I do not like quite. Sometimes I’ll hum when I write, or like this clack on the key loudly. Mostly I listen to music in head pones, so I don’t have to annoy other people, although currently my hair is wet (from the shower, not the rain this time) so I veto-ed that option, as too keep my ear buds in good, non-wet shape. I find that noise out side of my head, makes the inside more isolated and it works better. Disconnect, don’t you know, is your friend.

But music is important in several ways when I write. Music is art, and an art that is portable, untouchable, and potent. It is made from other art, and created to help others make their own art. I fimnnd it quite silly to waste.

I write poems from feelings I get from music. (Like this one about Bon Iver.)

Or create playlists for my characters. (Like this one for my character Friday.)

Like I said, music is not for wasting.

Other things I do that might be considered eccentric? I often sit cross legged on my chairs when I’m in class, but when I write, I generally sit straight up. Well. Mostly straight up. I am not known for my posture it has been stated. I think being relaxed doesn’t do me well when typing out a story, but if I’m going long hand I’ll be chill.

Sometimes I dress up like a character I’m writing. I’ll make them an outfit on, or I’ll just head to my closet and get dressed up. I can channel a characters moods by their what their wearing, weather it sparks confidence or is an outfit that lets them blend in.

For example, this  could be something I would wear for a character:


It’s not something I would usually wearing, and it’s not an outfit that I think I would pick out just for an everyday look. But there’s some story in that outfit, about a girl that loves pink and it sure of herself and is totally comfortable in her body. (Disclaimer: an act for the pictures guys, I’m not really like that.)

If I sit down while wearing that and feeling that, it’s way more easy to write through that person.

Okay, I think I’ve blathered on enough today. LOVE YOU ALL!

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§ 42 Responses to TCWT APRIL — My Lovely Lady Quirks

  • You are weird. Actually, you’re just a teen writer! Good post.

  • Great post! I like the idea of dressing like my characters. I’ve never done such a thing before, a) because it never crossed my mind, and b) because most of my characters belong to a far-off time in a far-off land and those outfits would be hard and expensive to make, not to mention uncomfortable for writing. Connecting characters to certain songs is something I do, too, though.

    • Well, I mean, just like, wearing a necklace they might have or a hat or something works. You don’t have to be too extreme. : ) I think, just the idea of connecting with a character through appearance is kind of what I’m getting at. Channeling fictitious people with more than just your mind. Music also works wonderful with that kind of stuff because it’s like your sharing with them something you both love, or can relate to.

  • Hey there, crazy. XD Loved the post–especially your idea for dressing up like the character you’re writing about. I always try and capture the essence of what the character is doing, wearing, thinking–whatever floats your boat–and what better way to channel that into your writing than to do it yourself? Genius, I say.

    Also, can I steal your idea for creating a playlist for my characters? That is one of the best ideas I’ve ever heard, mainly because I listen to music a lot myself. Working, exercising (you know, when I get around to it), for fun, writing, reading–music is usually playing somewhere in the background. The funny thing is I have a very flamboyant music collection, and the music choices are a bit all over the place. (Meaning they are in no way related to each other.) Instrumentals (electro and ochestral), alternative, movie soundtrack, rock. It’s a little crazy, but at least at this rate I have plenty to choose from.

    Gah, I just spammed your blog with a long comment. I RAMBLE WAY TOO MUCH.

    Keep being awesome.

    • OF COURSE YOU CAN MAKE PLAYLIST. I don’t *own* music. Hey if you find it helpful, I find it wonderful! And yeah, my music? Totally random. Yesterday I made a playlist with both country, Phantom Of The Opera (the second one), and folk music. I am a fan of folk music.

      Dressing up like your charter is nice because even if it’s just a hat you’d know they’d like or something, then that bit of them and that bit of you work together better, I think. We meld. (Ohmigawd, can we start using the word ‘meld’ more please?)

      And please, continue your spam, it’s rather appreciated.

      • I haven’t heard much folk music! Maybe because no one ever recommends it to me, or at least not specific songs. Do you have any that would be good to start? I don’t care what genre it is, as long as it’s good. I’ll start that playlist sometime soon, and then I’ll post it on my blog for all to see. (Idea credit to you, of course.) My posting habits are all wonky now.

        I’m going to try that so I can FINALLY finish the book I began like five months ago. It’s nearly finished, but the ending is tough to figure out. They’re kind of in space right now, and one character is about to get sucked into a black hole. Go figure.

        Holycrapyes. ‘Meld’ is such an underrated word.

      • First off, FOLK MUSIC. I recommend The Staves, Langhorne Slim, Serena Rider, Missy Higgins, and Andrew Bird. They are excellent.

        Good luck on you book! Sounds rather exciting, if I do say so myself. I hope my ideas help you sort it all out.

        And yes. Meld. Everyone should use that word more.

      • Okay, thanks! I’ll look into it and let you know what I think. 😀

        And thank you so much. I haven’t been as enthusiastic about it as of late, probably because I’m afraid to finish it, but any enthusiasm from my peers helps.

        Meldmeldmeld. What are other words that should be used more often?

      • I am all for enthusiasm for stories. I just need to get on with planning for my own. my problem is when ever I have a really good idea, I freak out about how to write it without screwing up the magic in the first vision that comes to me. That I get so attached to side characters i end up making them MC’s which just gets confusing. : )

        Excellent question. Wallowing, happens to be a personal favorite of mine currently.

  • Nice post! I like the playlist idea. I dress like my characters sometimes, too. I need to do that more often. It’d be fun to do a “dress up like your character day”. Yeah. I’m gonna do that.
    Oh, and Polyvore? AWESOME! Thanks for telling me about it! It’s helped quite a bit as my main character just went through an identity crisis. It was not pretty.
    And I’m glad you posted the calender. I thought my post day was two days later than what it actually is. Oops.

    • Playlist are wonderful, in my December TCWT Blog Chain, I went into that with more detail. Ha. We should have a dress up like your character day and all take pictures. That would be fun. : )

      • It could be like tagging someone! We nominate a couple blogs to dress up like their characters and take pictures, and continue the chain. That would be COOL. Like, seriously. I would do it.

      • I agree. We should plan that out! : )

      • Yes, we should do that. Though instead of tagging, I think it would be better to run it more like the TCWT chain, so that it’s voluntary. My reasoning is that it might be awkward if someone who is uncomfortable posting a picture of his/herself got tagged. Though there would have to be a central blog and someone would have to host it, and there are a couple of issues with that idea. Hmm. Thoughts?

      • I agree with Gwen, we wouldn’t want to make it awkward or anything. I would be a central blog is someone wanted to help host it/ get the word out to other blogs/writers with me.

  • Since I can’t hit reply again–regarding the posting pictures thing. If people wanted to hide their face somehow, maybe they could use sunglasses, and let us know in the post that they didn’t want their entire face shown in the picture. In other words, disguise would be acceptable. I would have to do that, because my parents won’t let me show my entire face to the internet anyway.

    • And not showing your face is totally understandable, as there are definitely creeps out there. But I still think it should be voluntary. Body image is a somewhat touchy subject for some people which should be respected, for sure.

    • Good idea, Pheris.

      I’ll gladly spread the word and I wouldn’t mind co-hosting at all. If we go with the blog chain format, would we want to organize it so that everyone has their own day (like TCWT), or everyone posts on the same day? It might be easier on us if we just set a day and then anyone participating could leave a link to their post on the host’s post. Does that make sense?

      By the way, Sarah, I hope you don’t mind that we’re talking about this on your blog. I don’t want to intrude.

      • Oh no, that’s totally fine. I’m not one for stifling ideas!

        I think that having it all on one day would be nice because it would easy to do, but maybe it could go on for a week or something? Chances are that people won’t even know it’s going on until they see someone else do it, and if it’s just one day they might’ve missed their chance. Maybe people can post them for a week and on the last day we could collects them and make one post with lots of links?

      • That would be cool! We’d have to think of some kind of title for it, though. Would it have to have it’s own website like TCWT?

        And SARAH! Yeah, we are totally making a mess of your commenting system. If you rather we discuss this somewhere else, I’d be happy to move the conversation over to my place. xD

      • I don’t think that our own website would be necessary maybe just a host blog for the day. And guys, seriously, no biggie. I’m getting the most comments I’ve had on a post, like, ever, So I’m really not complaining. ; ) *however* if you want to email, mine is so we can keep it under wraps for the planning period.

      • Sounds great! My email is . I agree on the website thing. Hosting a whole another website seems like a bit much. I can barely host one!

        (Working on the character playlist thing, Sarah. I’ll let you know when it’s finished. 😉 )

      • Sounds great Pheris, and I can’t wait for your playlist. : )

      • It’s finished! 😀 And it’s crazy.

        Also, do you have a Twitter? We could also discuss over that if we don’t feel like long emails.

      • SarahSecretFish on Twitter. : )

      • Okay, following. XD

      • Okay, since it looks like we’re switching to email, do you guys mind if I just zap you both an email? I have a blog email, but it’s not working fully and I’d like to keep my personal email (which is the one I’ll be using) off the internet. It’s splendidly spam free, and I’d like to keep it that way for as long as possible.

        I like the week long idea! It would definitely collect more participants that way.

      • Yeah, feel free to send us a conformation email just to make sure we all have our info right. : )

      • All righty!

        How is it that every time I comment I miss one that you guys posted before me? I’m a bit ticked off with myself for that. I’m @LizzieMarieEvan on twitter. I think. Hold on while I go verify that….

      • I’m currently following you. So, check on the front.

  • Miriam Joy says:

    I have dressed up as characters before. Just last week I went to Camden Market all dressed up in Steampunk for one of my characters, which was entertaining 😉 But that’s a story for my own post!

  • Tayqlor says:

    The bit with the outfits is pretty cool. Nice post.

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