Answering More Tag Questions

April 3, 2012 § 2 Comments

I HAVE BEEN TAGGED AGAIN! But. I don’t actually feel like going through the whole ordeal of tagging others/ creating more questions. SO. I will answers the questions of the person who tagged me and give you eleven more facts about myself. 

*intro music*


Part 1~ 11 (more) FACTS ABOUT ME.

  1. I really like capital letters. IT’S LIKE I’M SHOUTING AT YOU EVEN WHEN I AM STARING STONILY AT THE COMPUTER SCREeN NOT SHOUTING IN THE LEAST. In this book by John Green (PAPER TOWNS), one of the characters (MARGO) would randomly capitalize letters in seemingly normal words. She had a reason for this. I forgot what that reason was. 
  2. I am making an effort to learn how to play the Ukulele for the simple reason that I would like to write my friend Olivia a song before she moves far away. Also being I think it’s a kick-arse instrument. 
  3. I am particularly fond of sheep when they are in stuffed animal form.
  4. Sometimes I am terribly afraid that I won’t be able to write a book. I haven’t yet. Not a real one. And I think I might be afraid to try.
  5. Currently I am wearing a bright green t-shirt with the face of my favorite dinosaur covering the front of it. I bought it last year because I am a mature individual that likes things such as paleontology. Just Kidding. I thought it was cute.
  6. I like being called funny much more than pretty. I think this has to do with the fact that everyone is called pretty all the time. You got a new hair cut? GORGEOUS! That shirt? MAKES YOUR SKIN LOOK LOVELY. But you have to do something extra special to be called funny. You have to actually, ya know, possess a quality.
  7. I am a nerdfighter.
  8. I have seen only one scary movie in my entire life. I was not scared. I quite enjoyed it actually. 
  9. Having only seen one scary movie n my life, I think it is fit to say I wasn’t really impressed however. I think that although I fail at writing it, I’m a bit of a fan of plot vs people running around screaming. I mean, I was entertained but I could have been doing other things.
  10. I am once again wet from the rain, though my hair is not because this tie I wore a hood. 
  11. Going to Portland tomorrow, I plan on coming back home with lots of books. 

Part 2~ Answering Questions:

  1. Marvel or DC? Marvel. I was tripped up a bit because of the two heros I would like to take home to dinner to meet my family it was an ALMOST EVEN tie between Robin (from Batman) and Spider Man (from my hopes dreams and dearest darkest secrets) ((Oh and Spider Man, the comic.)) BUT. I love Peter Parker like a normal girl loves… I don’t know. Justin Beiber minus the screaming probably. 
  2. What’s the last truly great book you read? ooh. Good question. Truly great? Not sorta great? Hmmm. I’m thinking… PROBABLY the most RECENT is… *Flustered* Guys I honestly don’t know. Maybe Down The Jelicoe Road my Melina Marchetta? 
  3. Poetry or prose? Split. I love prose, but I’m more proud of my own poetry. In contrast, I like to read prose more than other people’s poetry. 
  4. What’s your opinion of school? When it works it works when it doesn’t it doesn’t. (Courtney Summer’s For instance.) There are many fabulous people that didn’t graduate. I like school. I like learning and sitting in a classroom and moaning about the assignments we don’t wanna do. I like report cards. I’m a bit strange that way. 
  5. Name one book or movie that you’re slightly embarrassed to have read/watched (i.e. Twilight). Well. Yeah. Twilight works.
  6. Autographs or photographs, as far as keepsakes of meetings with celebrities go? For me, words have always seemed a bit more personal than images. So I   Pictures. 
  7. How faithful to the book should movie adaptations be? I think that movies should be close enough to the book and still make a movie it’s own separate thing. It’s hard to explain this one. Obviously, the entire 300 pages of a book can’t fit into a movie, so I think that when making a movie based on a book, a couple of things *need* to be different to make the movie unique and okay without it leaning of viewers that *have* read the books. Eh? eh.
  8. What’s the coolest/geekiest thing you own? The Puke Hat for coolest, I have lots of Nerdfighter posters for geekiest, as well as a Dr. Who shirt.
  9. If you could only buy one book, would it be a great book you’d already read or an average book you hadn’t? Great book, I’ve already read. For sure. I like to re-read things, although I know a lot of people that don’t. For example, I was looking for I Am The Messenger yesterday (by Markus Zuzak), although i couldn’t find it anywhere, because that book. Is lovely.
  10. Favorite snack food? I’ve been into cashews lately. They’re sweater than the average nut.
  11. Vintage or modern? Vintage. I’m classy.



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§ 2 Responses to Answering More Tag Questions

  • Tayqlor says:

    I like capital letters too, and not just because of Margo (whose reasoning was that the rules of capitalization are unfair to words in the middle). I can’t help myself from hitting caps lock when I’m excited about something, but every time I do it I feel like I’m shouting at my readers in a non-fangirlish way. Oh well.

    • I knew there was a reason to her madness. Well. That for of her madness. Caps lock is one of my favorite keys. Also the space bar. WithoutspacesitjustlookslikeIamtypingveryfast and thus, hold power over the other key which only contribute to some words.

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