Excuses, Excuses

March 25, 2012 § 2 Comments

So I am a finalist in The World Poetry Movement contest going on right now. More information as it comes.

*Intro Music*

So yeah, I haven’t posted in a while. Here is a list why.

  1. The state exam thing that I have to spend hours researching for. It’s gross and also totally disgusting Never do one. Even though I have been *heavily* procrastinating, I think it may have eaten my brain.
  2. The weather. GUYS, GUYS GUESS WHAT! It finally stopped the whole “I’m going to rain and snow and rain some more and force you to stay inside. Mwahahahahaha.” And it is sunny.
  3. Volunteer work. Over the summer, I plan on going on a Mission trip to an Native American reservation in Montana with my YG, and I need twenty hours of volunteer work. So. I’ve been doing that. 
  4. Social Life sort of things. (Hunger Games Movie) Essentially, I have been hanging out with people until the late times, and then having to wake up in the morning, and then being dead. Just last night I went to Red Robin with some of my sisters friends and indulged in their bottomless Coke Floats. And now I have woken up later than I ever have in the history of my life.
  5. Reading. I finally started reading again. I’m not entirely sure when I stopped, but suddenly, it occurred to me the other day, I was reading a book that I enjoyed and was laughing and reading in the middle of class. And That I hadn’t done that In months. So yes. Reading has become a thing I do again. 

So yeah. Sorry bout that.

But: Announcement! There will be an announcement soon to come about something important. 


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