Teens Can Write Too March Blog Chain – Interview with A Fictional Character

March 16, 2012 § 8 Comments


Today is one of my favorite days of the month, the day that I get to write the post for the Teens Can Write Too blog chain. This particular day I am writing out an interview with a character of my own, previous creation.

So without further ado, meet Friday, the main character of my 2011 NaNoWriMo novel. (That yeah, hasn’t been touched since November. DON’T RUSH ME PEOPLE!)

Me: Well, lets get the obvious stuff out of the way right now. So… why exactly is your name Friday?

Friday: *rolls eyes* The some-what original-maternal-unit wanted attention. I mean. It worked for MJ naming his kid Blanket right?

Me: Well. His son wasn’t named Blanket. His name was Prince. BUT, yeah, I get it. Let’s move on. What would you say is your favorite thing to do?

Friday: Photography. By far. I live in a pretty small town, and we pretty much bike everywhere, and on any day I’m not working or like… at school or something, I’m off taking pictures. I’m much more of a visual person that a literary one. And by that I mean, sorry if my answers suck. *sheepish smile* I’m not a huge talker.*

Me: Dude. Whatever. It’s chill. So you live in a small town? What’s that like?

Friday: Oh God, it’s wonderful. I grew up as a child in a big city and stuff, and I could never tell you why anyone would want to leave such a place as my town for a place like that. I live in a small house, with a small yard, with my sister and her fiance and honestly? It’s the best.

Me: Does sound quite nice, indeed. So in said small town, who are your friends?

Friday: MY best friend by far is J. He’s kind of the opposite of me, a kid from a small town that longs for the city, instead of the quaint world we have. I think we vary on the speed of things. You know? He likes things fast, I like things slow. But he’s great. Definitely makes me come out of my shell sometimes.

Me: What would be your typical outfit?

Friday: Jeans, t-shirt, bike helmet, and camera on a strap.

Me: Favorite album?

Friday: I’ve been quite into Across The Universe Soundtrack right now. The Beatles work well for me.

Me: Who’s your hero?

Friday: My sister’s fiance Ned actually. He does all of his work on the computer so he’s home all the time for my sister and their soon to be baby. I love my sister, but he really brought out the best parts of me and gave me direction with my faults when before I had just been running into walls.

Me: Nice. Love that. So, what would you say is your best characteristic? And the worst?

Friday: Well, for a long time I really hide from people, and myself, because of my mom’s life in the city and this huge custody battle that eventually got me in the hands of my sister, so i think my worst attribute, would be that i tend to hide away from my problems sometimes. How ever best, I would probably say that I’m pretty good at noticing things.

Me: Anything else you’d like to tell my readers?

Friday: Well… No. Unless. Should I tell them.. *leans in to whisper*

((Me: Oh! Dang! How’d I forget about that?!))

Friday: And I’m a tad psychic.



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