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So. Thanks to Liam and Lily (who in honor of their excellence may end up sharing the names of my children if I happen to have one male and one female twin. Just so ya know.) I have been given FOUR AWARDS. TWICE. 

So without any further ado, I give you my winnings.

1) Mrs. Sparlies Ten Commandments. In which I answer some questions/ non-questions disguised as questions. 

((This award is kind of terrifying. I am sorry if it burns your eyes in any ways.))

Describe Your Self in 7 Words: Normal, socially awkward, loud, quite, fearless, nervous. 

What Keeps You Up At Night: Books. I tend to read more than I sleep.

Whom Would You Like To Be: Jaclyn Moriarty-esque writer. And by that I mean, flipping excellent at my craft. My craft being writing.

What Are You Wearing Now: The Puke Hat, a Dr. Who t-shirt, sparkly eye liner, jeans, glasses, and star socks. (I look a bit like a hipster, I know.) 

What Scares You: Hmm. My absolute lack of fears could be considered quite frightening…WOULD be my answer, if I hadn’t just seen the thumb nail for this award again. So my answer is, the thumb nail fo this award. 

What Was The Last Website You Looked At: Lily’s Notes In Margins, because that’s where these questions are coming from. 

What is One Thing You Want To Change About Your Self: Hmm well. I suppose I wish I were a bit more sure of myself sometimes. I’m more comfortable talking to crowds than people that sit next to me in math class. That type of thing. 

Slankets, Yes or No: I… I don’t know. *googles it* Oh. So. It’s like a Snuggie? I guess, no then. I don’t really… no. Just. No. 

Tell Us Something About The Person Who Nominated You: As I had two people to nominate you, I shall tell you about both of them. Liam is a Head Phil, meaning that he is the most important of the Philosophers that live in his brain. (I think.) He is really quite wonderful and nominates me for lots of awards that I enjoy receiving. Lily is quite sweet and an excellent commenter/follower of my blog. She’s like, a legit teen author so I sort of think QUITE HIGHLY of her. And she dose not disappoint.  

2) The Sunshine Award. In Which I follow rules.


1. Thank The Person (s) that gave you this award: THANK YOU LIAM AND LILY.

2. Write A Post About It: Dude, I am already ahead of you. 

3. Answer The Questions That Come With It: Well. Okay. Not *that* ahead of you. But to be fair I AM WRITING DOWN THE RULES FOR YOU, I CANNOT ALSO ANSWER QUESTIONS AT THE SAME TIME!

4. Pass it Along To Other Bloggers Who Deserve It: Yeah. I’ll do that later.


Favorite color: The colors on The Puke Hat.

Favorite Animal: I’m a bit partial to Elephants.

Favorite Number: 14. Also: 28.

Favorite Drink: Dr. Pepper mingles well with my taste buds.

Facebook or Twitter: I like Facebook more, honestly. I just can’t get into the groove of Twitter.

Your Passion: Arts, be it with words or visuals. 

Giving or Receiving: It’s pretty much even. Like I don’t want to sound like one of Those Kinds Of People, but I honestly like giving things, be it my time or a LETTER or a present. However, I also like

Favorite Pattern: The Pattern on The Puke Hat. 

Favorite Day of The Week: I named the main character in my NaNo Friday, so let’s go with that. 

Favorite Flower: I must say that i am a bit fond of poppies.

3) Candle Lighter Award

Although there were no questions nor rules that followed this one in with either of the people that gave my these awards, it has been mentioned on other blogs that this award is about being an inspiration. So thank you kindly.

4) Leibster Blog Award

Believe it or not, I have already won this one, so thank you again. 


. * . * .

And now my nominees:

Kristen Writes!

Embracing Insanity

Terran Alleen’s Blog

Novice Journal




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