Things I Know How To Do

February 22, 2012 § 8 Comments

Hello all, as my parents are in the other side of the house, ripping apart the only bathroom I have ever known (well. that’s not true. But it’s still a bit of traumatic experience I hope you understand) and I procrastinate from doing my homework, I come to you with a list.

Things I Know How To Do:

(in no particular order and also in response to this video by the amazing, wonderful and great John Green.)

  • Clicking Pens and also Destroying Things. I put these two things, seemingly very different, because in this case they are not at all. Different I mean. They are the things that I do when i don’t know that i am doing anything. When I’m at church and listening to people talk, or in class, or in a park movie theater, etc. I shred my nail polish or rip holes in my (r other people’s) jeans and jackets. And then the pen clicking. Mostly, I think I like it because I enjoy having the power to make noise. And although it bothers people, it is generally preferred over me picking the scabs on their arms or splitting their loose ends. 
  • Taking Pictures and then Adding Words To Them. Seen on such places as a website of which I now own. (GO THERE, GO THERE, GO THERE) This is the sort of thing I can not explain but I can show. (That’s a line from John Green’s The Fault In Our Stars, by the way.)Image
  • Writing Letters. I know this seems like a thing it’s hard to be *good* at per se, but I would say that I am. In fact, I rather love letters. I like that they are personal but not a conversation, a monologue but not spoken out loud, plan-able but spontaneous, editable but short. You can put other peoples words in letters, without needing to call them your own, and set a town for them and a theme. 
  • Avoiding homework.  This is proof of that one.

Okay. I should really scamper away now. Have a lovely day. 

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