V-Day Thoughts

February 15, 2012 § 6 Comments

So. Valentine’s day was yesterday. That’s a thing.

*intro Music*

Currently my hair is poofy. It is not usually poofy. But my mother braided my hair for a very long time the other night while it was wet. So now it is poofy.  I quite like it.

Valentine’s Day Thoughts: I don’t have many really. I mean, I’m not part of a treacherous love story, I’m not a character of Boy Meets World, and yeah. I don’t have like. A boyfriend. So it didn’t affect me  very much.

HOWEVER. I did appreciate the opportunity to write lovely notes to my friend and give hugs and eat pixy stixs. (Yeah. Giving me pixy stix? Not your finest moment Coffee.) ((However, I deeply appreciate it.)) (((However I’m not sure if any of my teachers did.))) ((((Sarah + Lots Of Sugar = Not The Calmest Person In The World))))

And yeah, I know it’s just a day that was invented by stores so they could sell more cards/flowers/chocolates, but I don’t actually mind it that much. In the end, it’s a day celebrating that you love for people, which is something that feels good regardless.

And really, there are worse thing than a day dedicated to buying things for those you love. I mean, do you have to buy anything at all? No. You can just let the people you love, know that you love them.


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