The Nerdfighter Call

January 31, 2012 § 4 Comments

Yesterday I did something cool.

I don’t know if you know, but there are these two guys that make video’s on the internet site called YouTube. Their names are John and Hank Green–The Vlogbrothers–and they have successfully created an entire community proud of calling themselves nerds, and love supporting charities and hope and intelligence. If you have never seen one of their videos, about books and science and friendships and doing things in the name of awesome, you should click here and it will take you too their main channel. It maybe won’t change your life. But it might, and that would be cool.

The community they created is called Nerdfighteria. It is full of Nerdfighters. It is a place where we never forget to be awesome, live inside the internet, and do things that improve our lives for fun.

Hank invented 2D glasses, is the founder of one of the biggest Eco friendly organizations in the world, and writers really awesome songs. John Green writes young adult books. You might have read one. They win awards sometimes, and also happen to be excellent.

The latest book to come out is called The Fault In Our Stars about teenagers, and cancer, and love, and reading books and also lots of other things.

They went on tour. And I went, last night. And it was great.

Where I go to school, nobody really cares that I like to read or that I like sad folk music more than hip hop. It’s not unreal that I’ll have a book of poetry at my desk that I read for fun. I have friends that care about me, who love that I love books, that watch Dr. Who with me, and have seen a couple Vlogbrothers videos. (The most prominent in these categories being Coffee. Click on her name and you can see how wonderful that girl is too.)  But I still feel different sometimes.

And don’t get me wrong, I’m okay with that, in fact, I happen to be proud of that. So what if only gay guys get my jokes or that no one has ever heard of any of the bands I like? I’m okay with that.

But last night. Last night was excellent. There was a girl with colored hair and fez, eating a cupcake promoting DFTBA. There were t shirts with inside jokes, that even though most us hadn’t met, we all understood and laughed about. There were books and CDs that we all loved, right in front of us, that no one else would understand.

And it was… great.

So that’s why you should join Nerdfighteria. Because even though we might not fit in anywhere else–or even if we do, we fit in there. And it feels lovely.


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