Damian Appears to be Back…

January 27, 2012 § 4 Comments

Yeah, so I’ve been sort of ignoring you guys. Sorry.

*intro music*

I was busy making a tumblr.

Damian: I tumblr? Sounds stupid.

It’s not really, it’s like a blog only you do less work.

Damian: So. It *is* stupid.

No! It’s just sort of addicting. And as you are sure to point out to me, my dear, dear evil imaginary friend, I am very easily addicted to such websites. Which is both a good thing–i.e. this blog–and a bad thing–i.e. me leaving this blog for crazy amounts of time while I go and do silly other things I end up forgetting about.

Damian: Your right.


Damian: You are very susceptible to addictive websites.

*narrows eyes and turns to the audience* Do ignore him please.

But anyway, I apologize. *grumbles under breath* Jerk Imaginary friend.

So yes. This post is my ramble-y sort of way of saying three things. 1) I have a tumblr you should go there and follow me or whatever people do on tumblr (haven’t really caught on yet) because it is cool. 2) I am sorry for not posting in so long. 3) The Cinderella Story Movie/ Don’t watch it because it is much, too much like the first too mashed together.

Damian: You do know that all the Cinderella Story movies have to be fairly similar? Because the plot. Is. Exactly. The. Same? It’s like in the definition.



§ 4 Responses to Damian Appears to be Back…

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