3 Books I Love

January 19, 2012 § Leave a comment


Hmm. Hi guys. I’m really tired. It’s been like snow days all week, which is good because there is a big project due that I have not been doing. Like at all. Well. A bit. I’ve been doing it a bit. But not as much I should be. 

 I’m listening to the song Frozen by Tegan and Sara. And I’m thinking about making a list.

You see, for the Tens Can Write Too Blog Chain this month I talked about books I hated. This is a list of books that I don’t hate. 

Books That I Do Like:

Margarettown by Gabrielle Zevin:   I know lots of people that hate this book. Really hate this book. It’s one of the more averagely rated books on Goodreads because people’s reactions are like THIS IS THE BEST THING EVER, or THIS IS THE WORST THING EVER. It’s told in fables, and lies, and sweetly sad dripped narrative by both the dead, dying, living, and those who never once lived. It’s really great. But weird. So, ya know. You might hate it. 

My Most Excellent Year by Steve Kluger: This book is so… endearing. And cute. Quite literally, there is a boy that plays baseball in the park with a deaf child. Oh my God. Non ironically too. IN a way that wasn’t cheesy. Also, MARY POPPINS. And it’s only told through essay’s, emails, letters and notes. I LOVE STRANGELY FORMATTED BOOKS. OH MY GOD THEY’RE GREAT. There are three main characters, all lovely and wonderful. 

The Ghosts of Ashbury High by Jaclyn Moriarty: I love Jaclyn Moriarty. A lot. Sometimes it rages on unhealthy amounts. But this book is one of the many reasons why. It’s eerie, and also stark (depending on the narrator). It’s about black holes and Irish folk lore, and mysteries and love and ghosts. One of my favorite character’s in the whole wide world is in this book, a girl named Lydia that is one of the reasons I wanted to be a writer. It’s also written in essays and letters, notes and blog posts. 

There’s this line in it, “I looked at myself through my eyelids in the mirror. (you can’t do that).” ((Or something like that)). And it’s one of those things that gives my goosebumps, and I’m not really sure why. It’s just so…. wonderful. 

M’kay. I think that’s it for now. 


DISCLAIMER: These are not my *favorite* books. Just books I really love. There are others. IN fact I’m thinking about maybe starting a review blog? Maybe? Tell me what you think. 


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