Martin Luther King Jr. Day Thoughts

January 16, 2012 § 2 Comments

Martin Luther King Jr. Day. Good day. My lovely Coffee did an excellent post about it here, you should go read it now. 

Having put off a lot of homework for today, and all of that homework being essays about civil rights, and me finally having done all of these essays this afternoon, I feel like I know what I’m talking about when I say that racism is very much a wrong thing and very much a thing that should be dealt with. Separate but equal will never be equal. Some things will never die and some things never should. Etc.

Do you know the reason that Brown v. Board of Education won the fight to desegregate schools? They had little girls choose a doll to play with, setting out one little black girl doll next to one little white girl doll. All of the little girls chose the white doll, saying the black girl was ugly and dirty. With this, they proved that when felt inferior to others, ones education is compromised. 

And I feel like that is really the pinnacle of what it all boils down too. Girls these days think they’re fat, think they’re ugly, hate their zits. But for a little girl to look in the mirror and see something dirty and ugly–someone that they don’t even want to play with let alone as someone someone else could look up too–that’s where lines should be drawn. If the line wasn’t drawn before that point. 

Wow. I feel a bit sad now. But alas, somethings must be said. I must go now and do algebra work and watch the snow fall. 


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