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January 4, 2012 § 5 Comments

Dude. I love awards. No lie. And I also like it when people tell me I’m funny. Which is why I am in such a good mood right now.

Damain: No Seriously. She’s concealing her emotions right now. She was screaming like five seconds ago. She’s In a *really* good mood. Thanks a lot Liam.


Diamian: See that? See what you did to her? MAKE IT STOP.


*intro Music*

NO seriously. Liam gave me another award! It looks like this:

And it is for being awesome.


  1. Give this award to 1-3 bloggers that have made you laugh in at least one post.
  2. The person who wins this award has to have a “gushing acceptance speech thanking the person who nominated them, and perhaps thanking any companion animals they may blog about.” ((Is Quirk Fishing for Compliments here?)) ((Also: Does Quirk Count as a companion animal that you blog about?))
  3. The people who have won this award, may not give out this award (and of course they don’t have to give this award out at all if they don’t feel like it) until they have posted 10 posts at the least.

Onto my First Act as a Winner Of Said Award: The Gushy Speach.

Oh My God you guys, how can I gush enough? The answer is, I probably can’t. Although I am a fairly stressed out individual, known for scaring people away with her love for skipping barefoot in the rain while singing show tunes and the fact she likes books much more than real people, Liam reads my blog. Quite a bit. He comments on things. Quite a bit. And also he does awesome things. Quite a bit.

So. Liam, thank you for keeping me entertained, happy, and awarded in the past few months in which we have been blogging. In fact, I think that if the internet was a neighborhood we would be neighbors. *nods head* Yes. Go to his Blob. He just lives next door.

Now To my Second Act: Awarding Other People

This was NOT as terribly hard as I expected it to be.

To Erin’s Blog. Because It very hard not to laugh while reading about a girl who loves peanut butter to amounts that are extreme. BUT SERIOUSLY DID YOU SEE HER TAG CLOUD? IT’S COLOR CORDINATED!

So, I think that is it for today. Tomorrow I will do a List of things. Okay? Okay!


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