Bullies Have Cooties. Yeah. I Went There *and* Did That.

December 27, 2011 § 4 Comments

Christmas was good. I’m wearing a lovely new coat that is both lovely and new. I have a TARDIS necklace from a wonderful sister. Now I just need new ear buds as I accidentally destroyed mine.  Oops.

*Intro Music*

I would give you a CHRISTMAS IS OVER playlist, but I’m feeling lazy. I will tell you a story instead.

I have a strange face. I mean, I’m not ugly. I might get the occasional pimple, get a bad hair cut or feel fat sometimes, but I don’t think I’m ugly. I don’t really think that anyone is ugly actually (call me crazy). But I do have a strange face.

My eyes are somewhat small, my mouth is a bit crooked, my face is in no way symmetrical, and my chin is not the average chin. I have heard it described as ‘butt chin’ but that just seems mean. You could say I have a dimple, but I know what a dimple is (a bit of muscle stuck to bone–ironically, anything but perfection) and it is not that. Personally, I think of it as my chin. I mean, seriously. It’s just my chin guys. Get over it.

But alas. People are mean. Also teenage girls. Teenage girls are mean. Trust me, I was one when I was eleven. I know.

So anyway, twice over the last couple of Beauty practices, I have been fun of for my chin. I guess it was sort of on topic–we were talking about Gaston’s cleft chin–but Goodness Gracious people! Leave my chin alone! It’s my chin! If I find it imperfect, I can call it out if I want to. YOU CAN’T BECAUSE IT’S NOT YOUR CHIN. GEEZ.

One time my aunt told me, “Sarah. You can’t make fun of people for the things they were born with. Their hair color–unless died? Not their chose. height or facial features? Not their chose. Clothing and bad haircuts? You can make fun of them for that. But not things they had no chose in.”

A while that advice is absolutely horrible to tell an 8-year-old, I see her point. I did not choose this chin, it was given to me! I didn’t choose to have a chin with a dimple like center! And even if I did, it was my decision and you don’t have the right to call me out on it because *gasp* I might like my face just the way it is all average and stuff. SO LEAVE MY CHIN ALONE YOU MEANY FACE.

Yep. That’s mostly it.


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§ 4 Responses to Bullies Have Cooties. Yeah. I Went There *and* Did That.

  • Megan. says:

    I am getting bullied because of the same issue, but mines a little worse than yours. I really could do with some advice. you seem so happy with your looks and I am the complete opposite. I get bullied by a group of people who make comments about my chin continually. I have huge exams and work at the minute and just cant be doing with all this extra stress. I am constantly feeling tired and like I never want to eat. advice on what to do would be great. your so optimistic and its nice to see. noone should be able to call people because of features they inherited in which they had no choice. I honestly wish I could be more like you! aha, 🙂

    • wreakinghavoc14 says:

      This is tough because people are jerks and it’s always hard to deal with it. As you say, I’m a pretty optimistic person, and for me, it’s easy to separate what people say to me and what i take seriously. There will always be people that feel the need to bring someone else down, and I’m glad that you know that it’s a problem. There are a lot of people that just ignore it. Honestly, the best advise I can give you is put your own values above other people’s, and never believe the negative things that people tell you. I’m sure you’re a wonderful person and as sad and angry as those types of things can make you, you just have to rise above. Maybe you should talk to your school guidance counselor or a friend or even your mom. I’m sure there are a million kabagillion reasons to love you, and your chin is one of them. There are people that will be appreciate you no matter what you look like, and to hell with anyone else.

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