The Story of Me, Some Bad YA Vampire Novels, and Lots of Stupid Things.

December 21, 2011 § Leave a comment

I get excited over books. A lot. Scream and shout and jump up and down excited. The way some people get excited over… Justin Bieber, I get excited over books. (I legitimately forgot his name right there. Because I’m not really a teenage girl living in America *SHHHHH they aren’t supposed to know*.)

The new John Green book? The New Stephanie Perkins book? Even really *really* bad books.

They make me happy.

They also make me angry, but mostly, they make me happy.

ANYWAY. When I was in fifth grade and appreciated movies more than books, Twilight, and being cool by wearing Hollister (I think we’ve established I have new morales correct?) I read this book called Circus of the Darned. I loved it. It was probably really stupid.

It was in a series with 2 books (at the time) and Circus was the second one. Because it was published by SMOOCH books, a company that published horrible YA romance that I loved which went under a while ago and because my library didn’t stock the other ones, I COULD NOT FIND THE FIRST BOOK ANYWHERE. LIKE AT ALL.

Until the other day.

That’s right, 3 years, much more maturity, and several hundred books later, I found the rest of the series.

You see, the author wrote that series under a pen name. Although she us a BEST SELLING AUTHOR under a different name, those specific books, were stupid under a no body name, and tanked. BUT BECAUSE SHE IS A BEST SELLING AUTHOR she re-released these under her best-selling name to make more money because everyone knows once you’re a BEST SELLING AUTHOR you can sell anything, no matter how stupid.

So *now* those 2 books, with an additional third in the series, is AT MY LIBRARY under a different author’s name. IN fact, they were probably there the whole time. I was just being silly.

And that is the story of how I found some really bad YA vampire romance novels that I had been secretly crying over since like when I was 11.


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