She’s Indigo ~ A Poem

December 14, 2011 § 5 Comments

A While back I won a bunch of money. This was because A) because I win things a lot and B) because I wrote a really good poem and drew a pretty picture. Anyway, I won 100 dollars for the poem and 75 for the drawing and my school system didn’t do anything about it. Like, at all. And I was like “whateves, I got 175 dollars. It’s all good.”

But now we have the awesome principal of awesome and he’s getting my awarded in front the entire school board. Which is fun times. *Big smiles all round.*

Anyway. This is the poem I wrote that won 100 dollars.

She was right handed and scared.

 And she was left brained and worried.

She wished she were indigo.

 But they told her she was too pastel.


 Sometimes she mumbled,

Because she feared her voice was too loud.

She wondered about being maroon.

 But they reminded her that she’s pastel.


She thought of things in shades,

of the colors they wouldn’t let her ever be.

 Once she said she was lime green.

 But they scoffed at her not being pastel.


And so she lived in black and white,

because she could never be lavender,

and she could never be pink,

she’d never ever, be sky blue.


But soon she had a secret

because black and white didn’t work.

She was finally resting in indigo.

 She just wouldn’t tell them this time.


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