My Relationship With Twilight

December 12, 2011 § Leave a comment

A couple of days ago I came across Elegra’s Confessions’s of an Ex-Twilight Fanatic post. A post, i happened to relate to a lot. Um, hee hee *awkward laugh* maybe I bit too much.

See until I was 11 years old I hated books. A lot. I hated them so much, I would occasional cry when asked to read. (I was a bit of a brat too as it happens.) But the year of my fifth grade, the Twilight rampage hit. And it hit hard. Girls were screaming, guys were crying, and there were way too many false vampire fangs sold for anyones well-being and comfort. You remember.

My sister who had read the books about 2 years before, didn’t get what the big deal was, but as soon as I saw Robert Pattison’s face on the big screen, I did. (Yeah also I was the type of girl who went to movies before she read the books said movies were about. I’VE CHANGED GUYS I PROMISE.) I’m sorry to say, i feel for it all. I memorized lines. I geeked out. I had happy dreams about boys with fangs.

It wasn’t really that the writing was good, or even that I had been enthralled really, it was just that it was so cool. It stopping being a book really, it was more of trend than anything else. People that didn’t even read the books fell into it all. (Of course this was also the year I was proud of my 1 count ’em 1 Hollister shirt. *shutters at the memories*) It was a craze, and one that–at least for me–really ended up for the better.

You see before the Twilight craze hit I hated books. I thought they were boring. I thought they were about dogs that died and sister and best friends, and usually someone died. But because of Twilight, I saw that I was wrong about al of that. I saw that books were about the things I wanted to read about. Books were about love and hate and relationships.

So that year I read pretty much every book in the YA section of my library. And therefore people called me a nerd. BUT GUYS WHAT? Being a nerd is much better than being a loser. Trust me on that one.

So even though over the years I looked back at Twilight seeing a book about a weak girl that has some serious daddy issues and a need for attention mixed with a vampire that needs to get a girl his own age, I have Stephanie Meyer to thank for one thing. Getting me my nerd status in the world. I finally feel at home.


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