December 10, 2011 § 2 Comments

So Here’s A Thing: Last night there was an eclipse. It was supposed to start at 3: 35 and go on til like 6 or something. I set my alarm and I looked outside.

EXCEPT I DON’T REMEMBER ANYTHING. Like. Anything. At all. I woke up in my bed after having a horrible dream about a man that lost a little boy then saw his die in a horrible car accident BUT I DIDN’T REMEMBER THE ECLIPSE AT ALL.

I remember my dad coming into my room at about 5:00 to leave for the fire station saying good morning. BUT I DON’T REMEMBER IF IT WOKE ME UP OR IF I WAS ALREADY AWAKE. I DON’T REMEMBER ANYTHING. It’s freaking me out guys. Like a lot.

I don’t remember how bright the moon was, or if I could see any stars, or if the moon had moved from the place I had seen it last night while I was walking Coffee to her car. I DON’T REMEMBER A SINGLE THING.

But seriously guys, did anyone see it? Did they have weird dreams like me? DO YOU EVEN REMEMBER IT AT ALL?

Also, I’m uploading the lovely pictures of Kadence and I into 2 albums on my photo website right now, so you should go check those out, they are really rather lovely.


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