Coffee And Pictures And Winners

December 9, 2011 § Leave a comment

Coffee of the lovely blog The Land of Man-Eating Pixes is sitting on my couch. We are uploading pictures that we took to this computer I am currently typing at from the lap top, so I can then upload them to my phtography website Click! Goes the Shutter.

You should actually go there right now. I mean *currently* those pictures are not up, but some lovely other pictures are that are lovely and you should check them out. Pretty stuff man, pretty stuff. I mean, their my pictures so I may be a little biased, but I only upload my best.

Anyway speaking oc Click! I had a contest for that a while ago in which you were supposed to go and comment on at least two pictures and I would give you a prize. Quite literally only two people did that. So the Winners Are AMANDA and ZOE. They are cool people and should comment to determine their prize.

Coffee: I commented too! I want a prize.

Me: Fine. Whateves. I can take beautiful pictures of you for no cost. I’m fine with that. OH WAIT. I ALREADY DUNNIT. WHAT NOW?! YOU WANT SOMETHING ELSE! BEGGARS CANNOT BE CHOSERS KADENCE. THAT IS NOT THE WAY THE WORLD WORKS.


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