Teens Can Write Too! December Blog Chain

December 5, 2011 § 26 Comments

Hello new and old lovely readers! Today, I’m kicking off the Teens Can Write Too December blog chain. Thanks for coming to read,I hope you”ll have a loevly time.

Prompt: How do you create/ relate to your characters?

In the simplest way of answering this question, I don’t create my characters. They won’t let me. Sometimes I just want to write about ballerinas that ride motorcycles. But do they let my write about ballerinas that ride motorcycles? Of *course* not. My characters suddenly decide that they don’t want to ride motorcycles—they want Vespas, and who needs ballet when they can have hip hop.

Quite frustrating, believe me.

They won’t even let me name them! They name themselves, which proves to be a bit of an issue when—like in my NaNoWriMo novel—they decide that their names are something ridiculous, like… I don’t know…Friday, April and June. **What am I supposed to do with that?! Huh? Stupid characters. In sort of roundabout way, because I had these name for them, I actually created the story I did, which I’m not sure I would have if I didn’t. But still. If my characters cooperated with me, things would be easier ya know?**

Lots of things help me get the general essence of the character though. You know, just their main characteristics.

Something that personally helps me is music. What would they put on a playlist? What kind of music do they like? Do they like The Cure? Do they *know* they like The Cure? This is the stuff I try to gage about RL people, so it’s about second nature to me when the person doesn’t even exist out of my head yet.

Another thing? Just start writing. Put them in a situation. Their dog dies maybe, or their parents divorce, perhaps they find out that their half sister’s fiancé is actually their uncle, that her half sister isn’t related to her and that her mother adopted her from an unwilling teenage psychic. Oh just kidding. That’s ridiculous. Who would write a story like that? *coughs nervously.*

But seriously. Just see how they would react to stuff. Who they run to. When they stand alone. Sometimes you don’t even have to write it all out, just imagine. For me, that’s the stuff I have to figure out just in the situation. If I *did* have a plan, my character would wreck it anyway so there’s not really much point.

And how do I relate to my characters? I’m not sure I do. Most of the book, I’m just extremely POed at all of them for not listening to me, and by the time I have to appreciate them, then I’m just so happy the rough draft is done that I weep. Any anyway, they’re all made out of me and my brain anyway. It’s hard to relate to yourself. You *are* yourself.  (Oh. I am a genius with words.)

So, over all my characters are all impossibly big aspects of my story and also tiny. I mean, I don’t understand how I work, how should I figure out other people? That’s just mean.

Now check out the future December Blog Chain-ers at their blogs. Super excited guys.

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