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December 4, 2011 § Leave a comment

Double Posting.

So yes. I have no idea how to upload photography to this site. Because of that I have made a none wordpress site. It is on Webs. Here is the link. It’s for my pictures.

Also: I am the very first person on the Teens Can Write Too! December blog chain. ((It’s freaking me out, as I have no one to follow-up on.)) My day is December 5th. It will be exciting. You should come.

Also: I do not like tests on Saturdays. I also don’t like girls that are mean.

Also: I changed my shirt, to my sad shirt. I talked about that shirt once on my blog. Here is the link to that post.

Also: Being exhausted is exhausted.

Also: This is my favorite person. Like, that exists or something. Her tips for writer’s block? Saved my life. Thrice.

Also: Just kidding. I love Max Bemis more.

Also: Max Bemis does not love me back. Do you now what that does to me? kills. It kills me.

Also: He’s too old for me anyway. I will have to get over him.

Also: I have no purpose now that NaNo is over.

Also: Guys what? I am tired. Still.

Also: Maybe I should leave before I say something I regret?

Also: Something I regret.

Also: Too late.



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