Sick Sarah And A Poem

November 28, 2011 § 4 Comments

Listening to bad Indie Rock and writing my novel. Coffee is ahead. We must fix this problem.

I almost skipped school today, but I ended up having my dad to drive my during 4th period. My tummy hurt. I am an extremely stressed person. I needed sleep. No one got me a single Threadless tshirt for my birthday. I’m allowed to be sad sometimes.

Anyway, I need to go goodbye soon so I can write my novel some more and do math (GrOsS) and stuff, but first I will copy and paste you a poem of my choosing.

Here We Go:

“Made of everything and nothing

                The sun will rise

                color streaming into darkness

                and happy lies can

                Tell you

                a story

                about this girl and

                her innocent eyes.


                “Hard to see the hate you breath in

                when you

                exhale so

                frequently but

                her fear is over coming

                her face is blankly



                “Is it crazy that I love this look?

                Is it crazy that I’d like to know her?

                I think it’s crazy but I

                can’t seem to stop

                Happy lies made

                from innocent eyes.”


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