Intense Depiction of Bad Weather

November 16, 2011 § 4 Comments

Welp. Here I am. Another year older.

Yesterday was mostly uneventful, besides the whole birthday thing. And also the good food and leg warmers (!!) that I got for it. Also a mini doughnut machine. How great is it that I now own a mini doughnut machine? It’s great I tell you. Great.

Anyway, I’m finally trying to catch up on NaNo for the time I toke off for stress and what not. Seriously guys, the purple bags under my eyes were just getting scary, and writing wasn’t very easy at that stage.

I’m working on being more positive though, so it’s getting a bit better.

Anyway, in honor of me being more positive I am giving you links. Wonderous links of wonder. Beautiful links of beautiful. Great links that are great. (Yeah, I am trying to write a novel. Why are you looking at me like that? Are you say my writing is awesome writing of awesome? Because that would be mean.)

A Blog I Love:

A Song I Love:

A Dress I Love:

An Author I Love:

A List I Love:

An Article About Micheal Cera I Love:

Well. I better go write eh? Eh.


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