Death for my Birthday

November 14, 2011 § 2 Comments

((The title is a song by Say Anything. It’s lovely. You should go listen to it. After you read this post of course.)


Yeah. I know. My birthday is exactly 14 days into November. It’s not the best timing. BUT it is a day honoring me, and also I get lots of letters today (I LOVE LETTERS LIKE I LOVE METAPHYSICAL FISH.) and also hugs.

Anyway, right now I am watching the Office and ignoring the fact that I should be writing. I’m glad I got so ahead, I haven’t written very much lately. What I did write got deleted (HATE THE FREAKING LAPTOP) and I’m not having much inspiration.

On a *completely* unrelated note, John Krasinki? From The Office? I love him. I have gathered way too much random information about him now too, so it sounds like I don’t have a life or something! Crazy right?

But seriously, he has brothers. He’s 6’3. His brothers are both taller than him thought.

I feel like these are all totally normal things to know about a man that I have never met but will some day marry.

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