Leaning On Love And Fury

November 13, 2011 § 2 Comments

I am lying ona bed in the upstairs bed of the Island house that I am staying at this weekend watching my friend Amandarun back and forth in the room and jumping. She appears to be trying to hit the cieling. 

she hasn’t actually hit it yet, although the ceiling is rather low. She  says she is ‘running out of stem now.’ ((Her words, not mine.))

We were recently reading the book Submarine (very good!) by Joe Punthorne which I bought today in Friday Harbor. I like Friday Harbor. It is very good for ignoring the fact that you should be writing a novel.

I mean really. Who needs to write novels? 

I just ran and touched the ceiling to prove to  Amanda that it was possible. Win on my part. 

So now we are  watching YouTube videos which are very slowly loading, and lamenting on how I was not chained for the Blog thing Kade was chained for. Amanda is not just lamenting she tells me, she is grieving. The book Submarine by Joe Punthorne? It has lots of big words in it. You should read it. 


It wasn’t very good. I just thought I should share that with you. My song writing, not that it wasn’t very good. Though it really was sort of crap. The song, not the me sharing the fact that I wrote it with you.

Moving on, I’m getting confused. 

Hmm. Well. Then. I don’t really have much to move on to. My socks are a bit tight. They are squeezing my feet. 

Oh yeah, I designed lots of tshirts today. I plan on making tshirts for Christmas presents this year. I think I’ll post them later.

Anyway, must go, I think Nerimon’s loaded.


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