No Edgar Allan Poe Pondering. Yet. Day 6 of NaNo

November 6, 2011 § 4 Comments

So far today i have spent time feeling sorry for myself, listening to music, and drawing pictures of (sad, sad, lonely, lonely) girls. Not so much on the making up on the Thousaond frecking words I lost yesterday due to computer complications. Grrr.

It’s because I’m bored.

M y characters still won’t listen to me, and have made it their goal in life to squeeze as much terror and emotion in to three days as possible, without even leaving time for them to ponder meteoroid or Edgar Allan Poe.

Both of which I really wanted them to ponder in my novel.

Also, all of the words that were lost due to computer complications sucked anyway and I’m not sure whether to go in an entirely different direction or let the suckage relapse. Decisions,  decisions.

I’ll probably change it up though, because I have the excuse to. Also by sucking I mean sucking, not just only-okay writing. I mean sucky writing.

As in the girl in my story had begun to take picture of a boy with out his shirt because she was compelled to by a higher source. I don’t even know what to think that means for my subconscious. Not good things probably though.

So yes. I should probably go and make better things happen.


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§ 4 Responses to No Edgar Allan Poe Pondering. Yet. Day 6 of NaNo

  • Liam Wood says:

    My characters didn’t listen to me for a chapter as I wrote a scene about a high-speed oxcart chase. It was fun, with a jester throwing turnips at the people impeding his progress and a self-dethroned King learning to drive. And then I followed the dare (from the dare machine, obviously) about making a character tell in each scene he stars in about how he lost his eyebrows. Such fun!

    • wreakinghavoc14 says:

      You are such a geek. ❤

      • Liam Wood says:

        And he just told another version of how he lost his eyebrows to the same two people, and got caught in a medieval traffic jam! Lovely! Oh, and one guy is purple from day-long bathing in a gelatinous mass. A breathable gelatinous mass, nonetheless. Oh, and I’m also guessing that your comment of me being a geek is not supposed to be an insult, being as it is offset by the symbol of “<3"? Well, then. I shall not take offense (which I just spelled wrong…).

      • wreakinghavoc14 says:

        Being a geek is never an insult in my book. I’m a nerdfighter! It would just be too confusing that way.

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