Dumb Contridicting Main Characters: Day Four of NaNo

November 4, 2011 § 2 Comments

I am really hungry. I am also really lazy. This means that I will have to compromise one of my wants for another one of my wants. hmm.

Yeah. I think I’m more lazy than hungry.

I have a reason to be so lazy though. For a) I am exhausted. this is brought to you by going to the orthodontist yesterday, the dentist today, and also the orthodontist today. oh and for b) I’m writing a novel. That’s some time consuming business.


Novel update: I have about 9, 200 words. I am beating the Coffee Machine by 8 words as long as she isn’t writing right now. ((By the way, I changed her name for her. She can thank me later.)) Which I hope she isn’t because I like being in the lead. My novel is actually taking some shape, although it’s more writing it’s self than letting me do any of the work. As soon as I think I’ve got some good idea it grow at me and makes something else happen, entirely different.

My novel doesn’t listen to me very much.

My main character has lost most of her flavor, mostly because all of the personality traits I give her she throw back at me face and growls. I’m trying to find ways to explain her reasoning throughout the book but even then she will try and contradict me.

*grumbles under breath* Dumb contradicting main characters.

Also the boy in my story? He can’t decide what he looks like. Sometimes he looks average, sometimes he has a harsh face, other time he is just as beautiful as the last day of the work week. ((That’s in inside joke about my novel. you don’t get it though because you haven’t read my novel.))

Anyway, I also got a lot of books from the library, that are supposed to help you write a novel. I got one abut characters. I think that book would help if it wasn’t so stereotypical and let character like mine (the quirky annoying contradicting ones) exist. But I did see notice for a Write In on the day after my birthday. which I am planning on participating in.

So yes. that would be my thoughts on NaNo day four.

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§ 2 Responses to Dumb Contridicting Main Characters: Day Four of NaNo

  • Liam Wood says:

    I can’t get my novel to stop listening to me! My plot is over half finished and I’m not even close to finishing the word count. (I’ve got more than you and Coffee– Ha!) I need my characters to take it away.

  • coffeebeans says:

    AND WHATEVER TO YOU TOO, SARAH. >.< But I kind of like my new name…

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