Just go one with your lives people. nothing to see here.

October 31, 2011 § Leave a comment

Currently, it is 5:17 in the morning and I am wearing an oversized wool shirt. And jeans. I’m not entirely sure what this costume is supposed to portray. I could make myself look scary if we had white makeup, but we don’t. So, I’m just a blonde girl in a big wool  shirt.

Essentially, I haven’t dressed up at all. These are fairly normal clothes for me.

Spent last night… well last night I was sleeping. But before I was sleeping, I was thinking of story idea with the bffl.

Bffl: A school shooting.

Me: Uhm.

Bffl: Please?

Me: Uhm.

Bffl: A circus.

Me: Well…

Bffl: A circus!

She’s almost as weird as me. It should be noted.

And now I’m just a girl wearing a large shirt. Maybe I can be hipster vampire? Kurt Cobain? (Darn, I washed my hair last night. When it get’s stringy I really look like him.) A Lumber jack? A con artist?

I should really figure this out before I go trick or treating tonight. When I was little, I was always The Awkward Kid that Wore the Weird Thing on Halloween. (Good name for a band.) One year I was a saint, *and* Alice from Alice in wonderland. One year I was a cavemen in business casual. I was a weird kid. People looked at me funny.

But I’m not giving up trick or treating. That’s just unfathomable. Ha!

Notice how I’m completely ignoring what’s happening tomorrow? Notice that? it’s because *nothing* is happening tomorrow. Nothing at all. Just go on with your lives people. Nothing to see here.


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