In Which Sarah Rambles In Fear of Tuesday and Appreciates Far Too Many Things

October 30, 2011 § 4 Comments

Okay. So we’re all in agreement then. I hate math.

((I should be doing it right now but I won’t. Cos I hate it.))

NaNoWriMo is starting on November first. Am I freaking out that I have no story idea at all any more, that last year my entire novel was random fluff with no plot, or that I haven’t started making good Jango playlist yet because I can’t figure out how the *new and improved* site works? Of course not! Well maybe a little.

((Grumble under breath: new and improved my left foot.))


Also I miss my Coffee’s blog. I don’t appreciate things like people being grounded. I just don’t appreciate it.

Last night was fun though. I went to my Loyal Amanda’s house and we watched Friday the Thirteenth. That may be the most stupid and stereotypical movie ever made. We had lots of fun with. Also we proved how nerdy we were by making lists calculated the movie. We had a list of How each of them died and when, a list of why we didn’t like each character, and lots and lots of note cards of my doodles.

I’m quite the accomplished doodler. I appreciate doodling almost as much as Manda.

Now I smell like pumpkin guts from carving them with my family and am listening to the Phantom of the Opera sound track. I covered my pumpkin with Martha Stewart Glitter. She has lovely glitter. She should get an award for her glitter. Her glitter is fabulous. I appreciate The Music Of The Night. oooh, now it’s Lion King Soundtrack time! Yessssss.

You want to know something that I do appreciate? Disney Movie Soundtracks. My favorite is Beauty and the Beast, then The Lion King, then Little Mermaid, and then probably Aladdin. If I wasn’t to impatient to create music, I would create music exclusively for Disney. And possible my own band The Shoes and Socks.

But alas. Too impatient. A shame too, because other wise I think I would be a prodigy with my seeing of the music and such.

Oh well. I have obscure band, Vivaldi, and Disney soundtracks to listen to. My music time card is filled for the night my dear, although I appreciate your offering.

((At this point, I seriously have no idea what I am writing about anymore. So don’t judge me if something comes out wrong.))

Anyway I have math to do (just kidding. I’ll make my sister do it later.) and a choir practice in a while to get ready for. i should probably g wax my shoes. Don’t want them getting rusty!


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