Episode One

October 25, 2011 § 6 Comments

Okay, Theme This Week: Small Things That Changed My Life.

Episode 1: The Mini Doughnut Lady

If I haven’t already told you, I have been writing for a long time. My first book was called Alex: About a Girl Named Alex. And I wrote it in first grade. It was a bit of a sci fy romance in which Alex was kidnapped by aliens that ran her school that wanted to use her blood for testing (she was magic of course) and fell in love with a boy who tried to save her. But my writing career didn’t end there.

For example, the summer between my sixth and seventh grade years, I was writing a book in verse about some teenagers that lives change after one girl gets hit falling of a train, one girl runs away to become famous, and one girl runs away to fall in love with a boy. I carried around a note-book with the spiral spine ripped out and a black ink pen, as to this day; I still really don’t like pencils.

That year I was also participating in Relay For Life, an event in which you spend the night walking around a track with a bajillion people raising money for cancer research. You donate money, and buy things, and walk for a really long time. And it was there I met the Mini Doughnut Lady.

She was pretty, and young, with black hair cut into a pixie style. I remember going to get doughnuts like 8 times, because a) the doughnuts were excellently deep friend, and b) she was just excellent in general.

We talked about cancer, and karaoke, and Alice in Wonderland (the midnight movie they were going to play), and finally writing. She was a bit of writer too you see. We talked about a book we loved by a thirteen year-old writer, and she gave me a list of some books that I should read. To this day, I’m a bit mad I didn’t have the courage to get her emal. Not to be a creeper, but because talking to her was like water.

Looking back I probably romanticized a lot of it. Not in a romantic way really, just in a… bigger way than it actually was. Also I got mini doughnuts like 8 times! That gives a girl the right impression. But still. Knowing there were actually people out there that weren’t completely boring was nice. And stupid. i still believe that 35 precent of people out there are stupid, and only about 7% is actually smart. most people flaa between. But that’s a whole other deal.


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