Color And Shape And Me And Clothing

October 22, 2011 § 3 Comments

It’s hard to hide the fact that I have been switching up my theme a lot lately. I just can’t find one that fits. This one’s plain, the one before it didn’t have a side bar, and I thought the one before that was drowning out the point of my blog. Sigh.

The main issue I have with this one is that’s there is no color, no pictures. Nothing. I can’t figure out how to upload pictures to my blog either, so even my posts are plan. I’m not a plain person. Right now, for instance, I am wearing large hoop-star earings, my black tie, Mardi Gras beads in silver and purple colors, amd my hair is in a style I don’t think there is a word for. It’s like a half back, but with pigtails.  Also, I happen to want this ( ) for my birthday. And it is quite colorful, you must admit.

I own a lot of grey sweaters, it’s true, but that’s more of a statement than my mood. As aforementioned, happy-grey makes people happy.

People judge people by how they look. They shouldn’t, but they do. And if people aren’t going to be able to handle a girl who appreciates noise, art and being a nerd, than i don’t want them to be fooled that I’m not any of those thing by wearing Abercrombie. I’m just not that kind of person. I’m the kind of person that wears tiara’s in public. And people should know that, before they talk to be in the grocery store.

The girl ( ) for example, has gotten my addicted to the Magazine NYLON, (A magazine, I talk about a whole lot.) which has made me a much more expressive person. it’s full of color, and texture, and music and movies, and things of all natures I love. I spent most of last night reading the articles in the October issue, about girls that they highlighted for whatever they do. One girl is the 22-year-old principle of one of the most prestigious New York ballet School. it makes me wonder what I’m supposed to be doing right now.

People with drive scare me a bit.

I’m really, really, a lazy person.

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