Vengful Vengence

October 18, 2011 § 2 Comments

Ello. I blew out my back yesterday, and it was insanely painful. I spent about 4 hours on the tv room floor watching The Office and pretending like I had the capabilities to put on my own pants. (I didn’t, but I tried.) Also, I ate a corn dog. 5 starts, Honeymade, 5 stars.

But NaNo. I may or may not have a story idea for that guy. My story line will involve:

 • vengeful vengeance

 • unicorns

• faerie carnivals

 • road trip

• a boy

• a girl

 • cancer

• some poetry

• character development

• possibly my plastic tiara

• contrasting emotions

• a couple of Nerdfighter references

*nods her head* Yes. Yes, yes, yes. This will be my novel. My leg hurts guys. It hurts almost as much as my back. I am falling apart. Maybe I should write my will? Or a poem? Or a poem about my will? *Sigh* No. None of those things. I will go deal with my maternal unit instead. I think I hear her calling.


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