October 17, 2011 § 6 Comments

I’ve spent the day doing yard work with woodchips and sorting socks and watching The Office. All episodes from the previus seasons of course, I couldn’t imagine the show without Micheal so I am not going to try. It’s just… not happening.

Anyway i haven’t posted a poem in ages, so here is… this one. Called



She had        a rose      mouth.

red   soft  fragrant     s    o  pretty.


No thorns      on her arms

                                                but indents from them. from the thorns.

Press them in like metal nails on red cherry wood furniture, the thorns she did.

                                She washes her hair in nail polish

                                crazy girl. She washes her hands

                                in nail polish crazy girl. She even

                                washes her body in red



                                                                                                                red nail polish.

                                                As it falls like rain from

                                                                the shower head

                                                dousing her naked skin in the paint

                                                                she screams and laughs.



She hates when people that are       always      right

                                                                are    right     again because all people

                                                                                                should make mistakes sometimes.


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