In Which Sarah Get’s Trippy And A Landslide Brings Her Down

October 15, 2011 § 4 Comments

Song lyrics. I say them a lot. And sing them a lot. I write The Cure’s lyrics on my wrist, Madonna’s lyrics on my knee caps, and Dixie Chicks on my ankles. I think I may like song lyrics more than poetry. Which is not to say I write songs better than poetry. That’s not true.

I like song lyrics, because they don’t just fit into a rhythm, they *are* a rhythm. The words are pre-stressed, the syllables already made to fit into the time signature of the composer’s choice. It’s not only words, but its words and tune. It’s word and tune and harmony. It’s words and tune, and back up vocals. There are layers and layers, of words and magic and art. A Layer for emotion, a layer for words, a layer for instrument, and then the layers of the words themselves.

Many times by many voices, I have been told that I think a little bit different from the average person. And it’s true. I don’t hear songs. I hear notes. I hear words. But I *see* songs. Following? The layers are each a shade of a color. The harmonies are contrasting. And the words are on the top, and between the other layers. Sometimes the letters of the words are black, sometimes they’re white. Sometimes I can see a font, I can see a shape in the way the artist sings each word.

And the image moves as the song does, it’s not one master pice, it’s several. Sometimes, I see neon flashes of other colors. Sometimes I see real shapes, vines and flowers, and cars take place. And sometimes I can’t see the song at all.

I’m not entirley sure where this post was going, but yeah. I guess i just proved how much I need to get out of the house. :)) See ya.

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§ 4 Responses to In Which Sarah Get’s Trippy And A Landslide Brings Her Down

  • Liam Wood says:

    Nice. I like song lyrics too, but I like the music itself as well as the lyrics. Then, of course, I make up my own lyrics.
    You really see colors in songs? I forget what that’s called, but Mozart had it too. It’s pretty interesting stuff.

    • wreakinghavoc14 says:

      Yeah, Mozart and I go way back. I didn’t know I had an actual *thing* though. That’s exciting! Maybe I should try learning a musical instrument again… But yes, I love music.

      • Liam Wood says:

        Well, then… You’ll not find another blog so dedicated to musical oddity as mine own. Personally I like Beethoven, which you will also hear overmuch about. Of course, there’s much more to it than that…

  • wreakinghavoc14 says:

    Deal. I’ll go there. Right *now*

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