My Missing Imaginaries

October 12, 2011 § Leave a comment

Before I introduce you to my lovely invisible side kicks, I actually wrote something today. It was in Science when we were supposed to be doing SSR. I was doing SSW. It wasn’t like the Crazy Sub was going to notice. She was crazy. Crazy people aren’t nearly as attentive as not crazy people. ~ Sarah Mernaugh.  But yes, I wrote a lovely short story that I wouldn’t post on the internet for 10 dollars* about a girl and her camera and another girl and her ink pen. It was lovely.

Now on to more pressing matters.

Yesterday I said that I would introduce you to my imaginary friends. I have–give or take–25, some more well-developed than others. But only 4 of them really matter. There’s Damian, the arrogant and beautiful. Lissy the emotional and talented. Essence the super hero and also average one. And Fish, who is indeed, a fish.

Normally here they would say something snippy and rude (Damian) or crazy and irreverent (Essence) or something muffled by tears (Lissy) or they would simply glub (Fish), but they didn’t want to come out of the hole of my head today. Like seriously. They’re just sitting there making fun of how I thought I could get them to come out without a formal invitation. So I gave them a formal invitation. And Damian used to make fire. Cos he’s a bit of a jerk, that one.

So now they won’t come and say hi.**

But if they were here, you could bet that they would be doing something. Possibly nothing. But most likely something. But they are not here so they can’t do those things. Sigh.

Ah well, I might have to go check out me GoodReads recommendations for the 16th time since I’ve come home today.


*This does not mean I wouldn’t post it for say…I don’t know… 11 dollars?

**Lissy feels genuailly regretful for this, but Damian said he would take her camera away from her if she didn’t do what he said, so she won’t come out. She only recently discovered that she enjoys taking pictures, so she really wanted her camera back.


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