Annoyingly Bad @ Being an Office Chair

October 9, 2011 § Leave a comment

The writing chair is out, NaNoWriMo Must be coming.

I have an office chair. Her name is Phil and she is big and black and leather. She a little low risen, so I have to sit on a pillow when I need to actually do any writing, but she is very comfortable and is good for my back, as opposed the wooden kitchen chair usually in the place of her. I bring her out when I do lots of writing, because other wise i get huge stress knots, and as this year has been extremely stressful I just get stress knots on my stress knots.

As I write this, I am flipping through tabs of photographers, and listening to a string instrument orchestra play Lady Gaga music. It’s very nice. I suggest you do it sometimes.

Phil is currently in my sister’s room because she is a jerk and also because she is Skyping her friends with the ap top. I took pity on her, because *her* office chair sucks. And is really, very annoyingly bad at being an office chair. She’s still a jerk though.

I got new pens! I write with black pens a lot in my journal and some of them have been running out. but don’t worry guys, cos I got new ones. I also drew things with them last night, and wrote a character analysis, as well as a letter. The picture was of a grave yard, and also a moon and also some buildings. it was very ominous. I’m quite proud.

I have hot chocolate in the kitchen but I am too lazy to go and get it. Hmmph. Maybe I should go and get it.


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