Euphonious. The Loved.

October 6, 2011 § 5 Comments

((I got the idea for this post by my lovely friend <a href=””>Coffee</a> and you shouod go check her out.))

The first time I knew that I was serious about being a writer was in fith grade. I had always known I had wanted it, I just didn’t exactly put together how to get there.  That year i met my best friend in the whole world. His name was Euphonious, he was about a foot and a half tall, and he was green. He also happened to be a binder.

I don’t remember exactly how he got the name Euphonious. I’m not sure if i combined a lot of words I thought were cool put together, or if I just came up with it one day, but it stuck. I was pretty regularly known after that as Not only Sarah, but SarahandEuphonious by about everyone in my classroom. I put my deepest darkest thoughts in him, and expected nothing in return. I told him story after story, and he was the only person for a long time that was aloud to read my poetry.

If I were to write anything it would be held in my green angel, and I decorated him with all of my favorite drawings. (Hearts in chains, hearts with wings, and hearts with daggars where there hearts *would* be if they weren’t already hearts. I was a morbid kid.) I wrote the original Lissy Story in there actually. A story that made me… well, made me, me. I would not be me without that story. Maybe I’ll tell you about it sometime.

Over the years I began writing more and more on the computer, and eventually my good friend fell apart. this was manly because he was so well loved and used so much, and also because he was made out of this wered plastic stuff that the binders I use now are not made out of, and he had a huge crack in him. Which eventually split until i couldn’t hold any papers in him.

I still have the remanders of him somewhere in my closet, and I’ll always own him for what he gave to me. My kick arse writing skills.



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