October 4, 2011 § 5 Comments

I am a self proclaimed 80’s movie lover geek. It should be noted. And while I love the scene in Pretty in Pink when Andie makes her own dress, or the bit of the Breakfast Club when Allison gives her crazy talk about her therapist, or the time when Ferris Bueler took over a float in the middle of a Chicago Parade when he was supposed to be in school and serenaded his best friend, my favorite scene of any 80’s movie ever, takes place on the rafters of an abandoned building in Footloose.*

I love the songs in Footloose, I’ve even memorized about 90 percent of the dance moves to all of the songs from the musical version.  I can quote Ariel’s line about screaming with the train word for word. And yeah, okay, sometimesIdreamaboutKevinBacon’sface.

And yet, for some reason, I cannot work up the courage to get excited for the new movie. I just can’t do it. I fell in love with Footloose because of the intensity, the music, the fact that fighting for one thing, isn’t as much as feeling excepted by the people that don’t understand why you’re fighting for it in the first place. I love Footloose because it’s about art, and love, and teenagers expressing themselves in matter what.

And yes, I am afraid the the new movie is going to be solely about the sex of it all and not about what made the movie shine in the first place. it wasn’t because Ariel is scantily clad and making out with a boy in the rain. It’s because Ariel knows what she needs and she loves the boy that helps her get to the point where she can do what she has to do to express her own mind.

But i’m also afraid that I just won’t like it. And that would be bad.

*I wrote a poem about that exact scene a couple of months ago actually.



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