Too Many Lies Not Enough Truths

October 3, 2011 § 2 Comments

I don’t understand a lot of things about word press yet. Like how to link to anohter page with just a word instead of the whole http:// and also how to insert a picture. Oh, and how to link me gravatar with my blog. Someone should help me with that. Yes? Yes. It’s settle then.

In other news, I hate algebra with a burning passion that gives me a tingly sensasion in my tummy.  Although I think I did farily well on the test that I took today. At least, I hope I did. I may cry other wise. Maybe you should be prepared.

Hrrrm. Yeah so i have come to the decion that i am not going to do GothNoWriMo, unlike Crazy Coffee over here. NaNoWriMo’s coming. I must prepare.** So yeahz. i gotz to figure that suffz out. * People’s confessions are distracting me though. link? link:


So yeah. that’s me. I hope you love it. :))


*People that no me, no that i only use text talk wen im nervous. and evn thn i dont really do it right.

**And by prepare I mean figure out what the french that i am going to write about. Like seriously guys. I don’t know. At all. I thought i had an idea, but it was a lie. Then I got another idea, but it was too confusing. And then I got another idea. But this idea, sadly was also a lie. Too many lies, not enough truths.

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