A List Of things I Like

October 2, 2011 § Leave a comment

I’ve been having such bad WB that i couldn’t even write a blog post. I tried yesterday. I couldn’t. I tried this morning. I couldn’t. And I tried about five minutes ago. i have deleted a lot of things today. But alas, I am trying again. Because I am cool and I believe in the Little Train That Could Complex.

Initially, I have done lots of cool things this weekend. My friend and my dad and I went to Bellingham, the cute college town that my dad lived when he went to Western. I made my very own shirt that promptly fell apart after I finished it. I drew a cool picture and I volunteered at the Local Apple Squeeze. but i can’t really find one of those things i would like to tell you about.

So I am going to make a list. Because I don’t have to think too much to do one of those. This list is of things that I like.

  • DIY fashion blogs. It’s how I got the idea to make my failed attempt at a shirt.
  • The magazine NYLON. Very indie, it’s for girls that aren’t into Hollister and still care about the world of fashion. It’s also filled with cool new musicians and photographers and bloggers. Great for making collages with.
  • Used book stores. I’m a girl for words. I love the feel of pages, and the smell of a book spine. I would much rather fave a book that someone has already loved all over, than a book that is electronic. I know that they’re all going to go extinct in a while, but I’m going to be reading on paper until I am forced to stop.
  • My camera.
  • Ink pens. They look cooler than pencil and they last longer. Also it’s runny and makes me feel like I’m more important. And I can’t erase it, which makes me think about what I write before I write it down.
  • This List http://vandelaydesign.com/blog/galleries/best-photographer-websites/ 
  • Youtube. Specifically Wheezy Waiter, George Watsky, and the great Vlogbrothers.

ThE EnD.

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