A Lot of Links

September 28, 2011 § 2 Comments

www.stumbleupon.com is ruining my life. You should click the link and let it ruin your life too. I never knew that having your life ruined could be so much fun.

My arm itches.

So I have three tabs up on how to make vintage clothing, one tab up on how to draw Disney princesses, and one tab up on Erin’s blog. I like it. I like it a lot. It’s sad though, because she is much more funny than me. www.thynameiserin.wordpress.com Click that link too, and then you can stop reading my blog for a better, more funny one.

*Sarah pauses here to cry about her lack of life, money to spend on vintage clothing material, and the fact she is not as funny as she thinks she is sometimes.*

*Sarah perks up as she realizes that she -does- however, know every word to every song in the musical Grease, and that cheers her up.*

I know i should be posting writing on here. I probably will tomorrow. But the internet keeps distracting me and that is not fair.

Hey wanna know something else that is distracting me? This website. www.mentalfloss.com I want some nerdy t-shirts, and heeeeyyyy, my birthday just *happens* to be coming up soon-ish. Buy me some. Now.

So yeah. That’s what I’ve been doing. Nothing. Wishing. Hoping. Dreaming. Crying hysterically. You know. The usual. Someone should take me too value village to buy cheeap cloths that i can make great with the directions I get from blogs. That would be nice.

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