I’m not Addicted to Quoting Wheezy Waiter

September 27, 2011 § 2 Comments

Did you know that Justin is like an alcoholic only with information? It’s true.”

I’m only slightly addicted to Wheezy Waiter. I mean, I could probably stop quoting him when ever I wanted to. It’s just like… why would I want to stop?

You should always be prepared with an extra pair of pants. Then you’re less likely to back down if someone dares you to pee them.”

I swear guys, I really do have better things to do. I’m sure that I’ll totally make time for those things soon. Soonish. After this video. Maybe.

Sure I make clones, but I kill them as soon as they’re done with their choirs, saving the world some oxygen.”

Hey, for those of you that read my blog and care about me and my problems, I FOUND MY CALCULATOR IT’S ALL GOOD. Yeah. See. i had time to find my calculator while I wasn’t quoting Craig.

I would hate to be a bee. I would be surrounded by bees all the time.”

Really. Turley. I have a life. It’s more than this.

You’re a human, you’re surrounded by humans.”

I could stop right now for instance.

But I hate being a human.”

Well, theoretically stop right now.

Then what animal would you be?”

Because who would want to stop quoting him. He’s great. And funny. And has his own shoe.

A gofer.”


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